Chateau wedding venues

Featured chateau wedding venues:

svatebni-agentura-darwin-hotel-1-nahled Darwin Hotel – new restaurant and hotel situated in Prague (Zbraslav), 14 rooms, nice and big restaurant. Nice neighborhood – chateau, garden, Vltava. You can have very nice photographs. More information Darwin Hotel.



svatebni-agentura-chateau-st-havel-nahled Chateau St. Havel – is a very romantic place for your wedding day. The 13th century Chapel is a dignified surrounding for the wedding ceremony. You can spend your wedding night in the Chateau's luxurious suite. During the spring and summer months, wedding ceremonies and banquets can be arranged in the garden atrium. More information Chateau St. Havel


svatebni-agentura-bon-repos-nahledBon Repos - Enclosed by its own 80 hectare wood, Bon Repos offers complete privacy for weddings, just 30 minutes from the centre of Prague. It was built at the beginning of the 18th century as a place for meditating and for catching birds, by Count Frantisek Antonin Spork, perhaps the most colourful figure from the Czech baroque era. More information you can find Zámek Bon Repos.


zamek-trnova-2-nahledZámek Trnová - The Chateau’s premises are suitable for weddings. For this type of events the Chateau’s capacity is 80 participants. The charm of the Chateau will give it a feel of exclusivity. The overall experience can be further enhanced by the special menu prepared by our world class chef. More information you can find Zámek Trnová.


svatebni-agentura-zamek-konopiste-nahledZámek Konopiště – Wedding ceremonies are held in Konopiště lounge in the south wing of the castle or in the Rose Garden. Parking is only about 100 meters from the castle in the parking lot. This place can offer accomodation for your guest and chateau restaurant, for more information please click Zámek Konopiště


svatebni-agentura-jemniste-nahledZámek Jemniště – The château of Jemniště attracts to hold beautiful wedding days. The wedding service, which belongs to Petra Sternberg, has been working for eight years. We want you to feel comfortable in Jemniště. Jemniště is a beautiful place for wedding. If you want to find here than 100 photographs from wedding days in Jemniště, 11 exemplary tableaux, bride's bouquets, stationery, decorative components and also wedding cakes. please click Zámek Jemniště.



Zámek Průhonice – Romantic surroundings of the chateau park, one of the most beautiful parks in Europe. The elegant and stylishly decorated Knights´ Hall is an ideal place for your wedding up to 100 guests. A marvelous banquet can be served in the Knight's Hall, smaller refreshment in the Blue or Red Saloons or on the small courtyard. More information you will find here - Zámek Průhonice.



svatebni-koordinator-heralec-nahledChateau Herálec - The five-petal Heralec rose holds memories of both grandeur and fall of this castle residence that are being tranformed into an exclusive boutique hotel today. They are capable of hosting the ceremony in the beautifully revitalized English park, in the intimate location of the castle courtyard or inside the castle itself. The Chapel of St. Anna, as well as the robust Ancestors Hall, are also ideal locations to host your wedding ceremony at – we call it DREAM WEDDING. More information you will find Chateau Herálec


svatebni-koordinator-loucen-nahledZámek Loučeň  - Romantic scenery and very beautiful english park is the right choice for your wedding day. Wedding ceremony could be held inside the chateau or in the park. You will find here hotel Maxmilian for the accomodation, excellent kitchen and various choice of wine. Please look at Zámek Loučeň.