Non traditional places

Featured non tradiotional venues for your wedding ceremony or wedding dinner

svatebni-koordinator-nahled Hlubočepský zámeček - chateau just 20 minutes from the city centre. Wedding in the traditional and old czech style. Huge terrace, traditional timber cottage and barn. Beautiful place for romantic wedding – ceremony in the garden. More information Hlubočepský zámeček.


svatba-v-noci-nahled NIGHT WEDDING – Night weddings are like an icing on the cakes. Night outdoor weddings are the most exciting outside events. Dancing under the starlit sky offers you joy that cannot be paralleled by any other outdoor event. Night weddings ceremonies and receptions uplift the atmosphere. It is up to you to use these nighttime settings to their maximum advantages. Decorating is a fun in itself. Almost any type of light can be used for decorating. Chateau Kačina is the right place. More information Chateau Kačina

erpet-golf-nahled ERPET GOLFCENTRUM - Right place for golf lovers.This place is nearby river Vltava, you can come on board from the ceremony or organize ceremony next to the swimming pool.  Nice place in the centre of Prague with entertainment (football ground, swimming pool, indoor golf, grilling etc. More information you will find Erpet Golfcentrum.

90-svatebni-vlaky-1-nahled WEDDING TRAIN – Wedding in the train would be unforgettable experience. You can use these trains for the ceremony or wedding dinner. Order the special programme as well. More information you will find Klub železničních cestovatelů.



svatebni-agentura-zeleny-mlyn-nahledZELENÝ MLÝN – newly opened and just 30 km from Prague. Wedding ceremony could be inside or outside up to weather. This place is suitable for 50 people and 25 people accomodated. If you are interested in more information, please click Zelený Mlýn.



klementinum-nahled  KLEMENTINUM - arrange your civil wedding ceremony in Clementinum – the unique historical place in the heart of Prague. Wedding ceremonies take place the Mirror Chapel with a charming interior which includes a unique set of built in mirrors .They provide unique and charming historical spaces, up to 150 seats for your guests, exclusiveness – only one wedding per day. More information Klementinum.



GolfYachtGOLFYACHT PRAGUE - The largest golf yacht in the world is offering an „all-on-one-deck“ wedding package: The boutique interior of the yacht and our great selection of culinary delights make the romantic setting on the river even more perfect for the occasion. The  wedding ceremony is possible on the golfYacht on the bow of the top yacht sun deck or on a motor boat heading to the city centre to Charles bridge; the wedding will then take place either directly under Letenske sady or next to the Charles bridge. More information GolfYacht.

 svatebni-agentura-marriage-in-the-sky-2-nahledMarriage in the sky –  is a marriage celebrated in heaven for couples who want to bring their chapel a little closer to angels on their wedding day by raising it 50 metres up in the air. Marriage in the Sky is a unique event meant for couples who wish to transform an ordinary marriage into a magical moment that will leave them, their witnesses, families and friends with an unforgettable memory. More information Marriage in the sky.